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  • Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game

    Author : Yuuki Akane | Added: 21:02:00 | Tanggapan : 0 komentar
    Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game will be a free multiplayer fan game based on the Attack on Titan franchise (Shingeki no Kyojin). Player will will fight in co-op against hordes of titan.

    Training mode :

    The training mode is almost here! I've got all all the mechanics working somehow, and all it needs now is a little bit more polish.
    For now, I have a tutorial, 2 easy run and 2 more advanced one. All of them are different tracks in the same city map.

    Tutorial :

    The tutorial is a simple obstacle course, which I hope will explain to the player how to use the 3DMG mechanics progressively. There's neither time, nor score, the only goal will be to try to catch all the flags on the map. Each obstacles will have a respawn checkpoint so the player can retry really quickly if he want.
    Training 01
    Training 02
    Training 03
    Training 04

    Race track :

    Those map will feature a time trial mode. The player will have to through portal and finish the run as fast as he can. When the race is finished, he will be then given three different rank. The player will achieve a high Time rank by finishing the race the quickest.
    A high score rank will be given by earning finishing the race with a big score number. More score will be earned by going through a portal the closest possible to its center, or by following a trail precisely. Every time a the player pass a portal, he will increment a bonus multiplier, that will be reseted every time he hit a wall or the ground. Finally, the speed will also determined how much score you'll earn when passing a portal or following a trail.
    In summary, to reach a high score, you need to be precise and smooth in your movement.
    The last rank is Overall Rank. The overall rank will always be the lowest of your time and score rank. For exemple, if the player reach the A rank for time, B for score, the overall rank will be B. That means, if you want to make the S Overall Rank you'll have to score a S Time Rank AND Score Rank during the SAME run. Only player who can be quick and smooth at the same time can reach this rank.


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