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  • How to download and install Sybaris

    Author : Yuuki Akane | Added: 22:19:00 | Tanggapan : 0 komentar

    1. Download Sybaris AIO first .. Sybaris AIO ver. Markdown
    2.move the folder 'Sybaris'to the game folder / CM3D2 / 
    3. Open the folder 'x64 dll', keep moving opengl.dll yg x64 to folder / cm3d2 /
    4. Download sybaris AIOUE again from hongfire forum Sybaris AIOUE
    Download: Link not available
    5 . Replace the sybaris folder from AIOUE, to the sybaris you installed earlier (AIO).
    6. Done
    if you not want use that tutorials you can use this sybaris AIO ver Fanspage
    Sybaris AIO ver. Fanspage (Recommended use this) 
    Download: Sybaris AIOUE Ver Update 1.58
    Note: - Only game with 1.58 update version can use this sybaris 
    - this sybaris use tanslate , but not all of them to translated , only 65 % course.
    - The Installation Tutorial is in rar
    After you finish installing sybaris, open the game (CM3D2X64.exe / CM3D2X86.exe).
     Start the story first, and check if the game runs smoothly, 
    at least until you can just save the game first.
    If smooth (until can save game), then you install the DLC.
    when you have problem with sybaris / game, 
    report the problem to our discord CM3D2 Indonesia Server:

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