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  • Custom maid 3d 2

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    Minimum requirement :
    OS Windows® 7/8/8.1(32bit/64bit) CPU Core i5(4Core) 2.5Ghz or higher Memory Required: 3GB or higher(32bitOS) Recommended: 8GB or higher Graphic Required: DirectX 11 supported GPU (GeForce GTX400 series/Radeon HD6000 series or higher) Recommended: GeForce GTX500 series or higher mid-range~high-end class Resolution Required: HD (1280 × 720) or higher 32bit color Recommended: Full HD (1920 × 1080) or higher 32bit color

    Instal Program :
    - PowerISO / DaemoonLite untuk Mount File ISO Download - NetFramework yang terbaru Download

    3. change Region (change your localm system to Japan):
    - Read Tutorial - Video Video Youtube

    How to Install :

    inside file in CM3D2.Rar

    1.Open/click file ISO first disk, Depending on where the download page

    2. Select installer.exe, and windows instaler will appear and click first button (red arrow) for change directory

    3 in game directory, Change where to install the game to a place other than Local Disk C, example : Local Disk D / E / F

    4. if done change directory,select ok then
    next follow the steps in pictures

    5. Click ok

    6. waiting the instalation

    7.if have notice “Retry or Cancel”. back to your instalation folder

    8.and open/Click iso disk 2, then click retry again

    9.waiting instalation finish and select OK

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