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  • how to update custom maid 3d 2

    Author : Yuuki Akane | Added: 21:29:00 | Tanggapan : 7 Komentar

    how to update game CM3D2 from Version 1.00 to new version
    1. Download File Update Game from version 1.00 to version 1.12 
    Download :
    - MEGA

    Tampilan Download Update 1.12 di Mega

     2. open file RAR "CM3D2 Update to 1.12 [Must Have]" 

    Tampilah setelah membuka Rar "CM3D2 Update to 1.12

    3. open folder Cm3d2_up_for_1_00-1_12
    select update.exe , then update game to your game directory

    Klik Update.exe dan update ke directory game CM3D2nya
    Done! your game now version 1.12 now update to new version!

    Latest current update version : Ver.1.58
     1. Download File game update  (Version 1.58) and select update According to your computer System (X64/X86) Official Download (open with vpn/proxy)| Version 1.58 :
    Alternative Download :
    -  MEGA for X64 | : CM3D2 Update 1.58 for X86 | : CM3D2 Update 1.58 for
    -  GDrive for X64 | : CM3D2 Update 1.58 for
    Password :  
    Note: - If the alternative download link does not exist yet, please download it from its official first using VPN or proxy- For those who feel above the update ver 1.12, such as ver 1.13 - 1.57, can directly update to the current version (ver 1.58)

    Tampilan download update di link Officialnya

    2. open your update rar file and select update.exe

     2. When the install update appears Select the update / follow the image below 

    Tampilan update game setelah membuka update.exe

    After that will appear this view, click the options according to the image below

    Klik lagi sesuai gambar

    Wait install update

    Tampilan saat menginstal update CM3D2

    When done, select Ok

    Done! Now Your game is up to date


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