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  • Custom Order Maid 3D 2

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    Super luxury salon where ladies and gentlemen gather, Empire Club. 
    The pretty maids belonging to it were giving visitors a variety of healing with dance and conversation. 

    One day, the hero is called by the relatives' uncle. 
    The uncle says that he created a new generation Empire club that encompasses every possible possibility of various customs. 
    My uncle transferred the empire club of a new generation generously to whatever reason ... ... The huge debt was hidden in the Empire club. 
    While the protagonist harbors a high-ranked uncle while pressing the empire club of debt painted, he is forced to run the new generation Empire club. Moreover, in order to repay the debt, various unreasonable difficulties which are not money are included, and it was inevitable that it would be a troublesome road ahead of resolution. 
    In the Empire Club made by my uncle before such a hero, three maids who worked as a maid until the end appear. Adult female "Takizawa Risa" who made a serious 
    and passionate personality "Harito way Maria" 
    serious and sincere personality "Himuro Midsummer" 

    Three maids became the center and inspired to rebuild the new generation Empire Club with the hero.

    Required spec 【Recommended spec】

    Windows® 7 / 8.1 / 10 All 64bit only * 6
    Core i 5 4 Core 2.5 Ghz or more 
    【Core i 5 4 Core 3 Ghz or more】
    6 GB or more 【8 GB or more】
    1280 × 720 or more 【1920 × 1080 or more】
    DirectX 11 compatible GPU middle range or more / GeForce GTX 560 or more or Radeon R 7 260 × or more 【GeForce GTX 760 or more middle range ~ high end class】 * 1, ※ 2, ※ 3
    Free space of 20 GB or more
    Net environment
    【Broadband connection (ADSL / FTTH / CATV) Contract of 8 Mbps or more, TCP / IP compliant】 * 5

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